Why Greece always leads the parade of athletes at the Olympic opening ceremony?

At the upcoming Tokyo 2021 Olympic Opening ceremony, we will once again see Greece at the front of all the athletic teams, urging a question as to why Greece leads the World every two years in the Opening ceremony?

The answer to the above question that the Greece athletes lead the opening ceremony is its place of origin in ancient times as well as Modern Olympics. Greece holds historical importance to the Olympic Games.

Greece athletes  leads the Olympic opening ceremony
Why Greece always leads the parade of athletes at the Olympic opening ceremony

It is an established tradition that modern Greece should enjoy a somewhat unique position in the modern Olympics as far as symbolism is concerned. Also, the national teams open the parade of Nations and the lighting of the flames always happens in Greece, the Olympic hymn written and composed by Greeks. No matter where the games are held, the Greek national anthem is performed at every Opening ceremony.

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The opening ceremony parade of athletes is usually held in an alphabetical based on the host country’s language. This year, Japan will lead at the last and Greece will host the parade at first. The rest of the participating athletes will be placed in the alphabetical order of the Japanese alphabet. So Afghanistan was the first nation after Greece, followed by South Africa. Zambia is the final nation placed at the 207th position.

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