Top 10 Opening Ceremonies in Summer Olympic History

The Opening Ceremony of the Olympic and Paralympic games is a proud moment for the host country to showcase its culture, history, and pride. It is a spectacular moment for viewers to relish a spectacle of light, color, and dance. The performance of artists and performers from different countries is the main highlight of any Opening ceremony.

Opening Ceremonies in Summer Olympic History
Opening Ceremonies in Summer Olympic History

Here we’re taking a look at the Top 10 Opening Ceremonies in Summer Olympic History

1. London 1948
85000 strong crowd attended the London 1948 Opening ceremony at Wembley stadium. A 21 gun salute preceded the lighting of the cauldron, where RAF member Donald Finlay read the Olympic oath.

2. Atlanta 1996
Atlanta’s 1996 opening ceremony was one of the quietest moments of the July night at Centennial Stadium. Muhammad Ali, a world-renowned athlete carried the Olympic torch along the track and lighted the cauldron to commence the games.

3. London 2012
The 2012 London Olympic opening ceremony was viewed by one billion people across the globe commemorating the history and the people of the U.K. The event was loaded with a stunning musical soundtrack during the parade of nations comprised of the magical cauldron of 204 petals.

4. Beijing 2008
China grabs the opportunity to impress the world by hosting the 2008 Summer Olympic Games in Beijing. It is also considered one of the most impressive opening ceremonies in history with a brilliant and dazzling display of pageantry.

The event was held in the Bird’s Nest Stadium, attended by approximately 14000 performers celebrating the culture and history of china. The main highlight was the illuminating fireworks display and 2008 fou drums.

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5. Sydney 2000
Sydney 2000 summer Olympic games were attended by over 3.5 billion people. The special moment of the event was the parade of Nations when North and South Korea entered the stadium as one.

6. Barcelona 1992
It was an illustrious Opening ceremony highlighted by the stunning lighting of the cauldron, signaling the beginning of the games. The main highlight of the event was the Spanish basketball star Juan Antonio San Ezianio ran through the athletes with the torch before passing it to the Paralympic archer Antonio Rebollo. Rebello ignited the flame with a lit arrow pointing it towards the seven-story cauldron.

7. Tokyo 1964
Toky 1964 Olympic games were the first event to be held in an Asian country. Also, the host country showed the world that it was a peaceful nation. Also at the Tokyo 1964 Olympic opening ceremony, the event was broadcasted live across the world and in color.

Different elements such as balloons, electronic music, fireworks, and even skywriting – an airplane drew the Olympic rings were used at the opening ceremony.

8. Los Angeles 1984
The Los Angeles 1984 Olympic opening ceremony could be described as grand with some memorable moments where 84 pianists played ‘Rhapsody Blue’ and ‘John Williams’ ‘Olympic Fanfare and Theme’. Another attraction was the unscripted variety when the Romanian team entered the stadium, they were applause and received a standing ovation for being the only Easter bloc country to attend 14 countries in total boycotted the games.

9. Athens 2004
Athens is well known as the birthplace of the Olympics. Athens in 2004 once again hosted the Summer Olympic games and in the history of Olympic games has one of the most beautiful and colorful opening ceremonies. The main feature of the event was the theatrical performance from which the viewers could not turn away. Also, the magical spectacles represented the seas surrounding the land and artifacts resembled the history of Greece.

10. Antwerp 1920
The first Summer Olympic Games after the second world war took place in Antwerp. It was for the first time, the Olympic flag got revealed in Antwerp, featuring five rings in blue, yellow, black, green, and red on a white background, representing every nation. Also for the first time, the oath ceremony was introduced at the event.

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