Tokyo Olympics opening ceremony plans leaked, with Akira and Mario taking center stage

Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games, originally scheduled to begin in 2020 got postponed due to the unprecedented coronavirus pandemic. Also, the original plans for the ceremony were presented in April last year, to the International Olympic Committee, shortly after the decision of postponement.

The plan was presented to the IOC and they too were positive about it, however, they acknowledge that the plan should be mentioned about the pandemic allowing the revision of the scheduled event.

Tokyo Olympics opening ceremony plans leaked
Tokyo Olympics opening ceremony plans leaked, with Akira and Mario taking center stage

The plans included an homage to the 1988 animated feature film Akira, given that the film was set in 2019 in a futuristic Neo-Tokyo. The film is composed of projection mapping, displaying the images of Tokyo all around the venue, with the words, “Neo – Tokyo in 2020, structured by Akira creator Katsuhiro Otomo.

Also, it was a star-studded performance featuring world-famous Japanese dancers Daichi Miura and Koharu Sugawara, along with performers dressed as Tokyo station staff. However, due to the resignation of Sasaki, the president of the Tokyo 2020 Organising committee, Seiko Hashimoto said, there is not ample time left to change the current plans for the Olympic ceremony, suggesting that Sasaki’s vision for the games would go ahead as planned.

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According to the Shukan Bunshun, the original Tokyo Olympic plans are leaked, with Akira and Mario taking center stage and it will cause a debate amongst the general public. Also, most of the commentators are of the view that an Opening ceremony like the one envisioned by Mikiko is the only way to save the Tokyo Olympic games. With the recent scandals and backlash, the organizers have to consider the views and demands of the public, if they have to witness the spectacular performance.

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