Tokyo 2020 Olympics Stadium opened with a small ceremony & a unique relay including Usain Bolt

Tokyo 2020 Olympics Stadium opened with a small ceremony and a unique relay including Usain Bolt: The whole world was waiting to see the newly built Olympics Stadium which would be used in all the major events of the Tokyo Olympics 2020. Japan was building this new stadium since a lot of years. After years of efforts and planning, the Tokyo 2020 Olympics stadium is ready. We recently witnessed a small ceremony which marked as the opening of this massive stadium.

Tokyo 2020 Olympics Stadium opened
Tokyo 2020 Olympics Stadium opened with a small ceremony

Inauguration event of the National Stadium

A special inauguration ceremony was planned by Japan for this beautiful stadium. The name of the event decided by the creative team was ‘Hello out Stadium’. The purpose of this event was to inaugurate this stadium and let the people see the stadium before the start of the Olympics. The major highlight of this event was the 8 times Olympics Champion from Jamaica, Usain Bolt. There were a lot of amazing things which were planned for this event and one of them was to give the common people a chance to come and explore the stadium. As the year of this Olympics is 2020, hence 2020 people were randomly selected from the audience for a special relay. By this way, they allowed the people to test the racing tracks even before the Olympics begin.

Usain Bolt – the center of attraction

The main attraction of the whole event was however the racing champion, Usain Bolt. He ran with the people on this new ground and has the given the statement after the event that it was a great experience for him to run on this beautiful track and that too in front of so many people. Although he also mentioned that he is currently in pain because of that small run he had to make. He also said that he feels so relaxed that he does not have to complete again in this upcoming Olympics as the Rio Olympics was the last Olympics that he participated in. To make this event even bigger, some great Japanese sprinters also joined Bolt to take that run.

About the Tokyo 2020 Olympics Stadium

It is a massive stadium and has a capacity to seat more than 60,000 people at a time. The stadium had to face a lot of issues during its construction process, as the plan that was earlier designed for this stadium got rejected due to the budget issues. Although there were so many problems, but still the architects and the engineers were able to successfully deliver this beautiful stadium on time. This stadium will witness the opening and the closing ceremonies of the Summer Olympics 2020. The whole world will be keeping its eye on this stadium because of these two major events that will take place in this stadium.

With just a few months left for the Tokyo Olympics 2020 to start, the stadium is all set to host the XXXII edition of Olympics, and the inauguration ceremony of this stadium has already marked a great beginning of this journey.

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