How the Olympic Opening Ceremonies Work

How the Olympic Opening Ceremonies Work: People from all across the world are always eager to watch and relish the opening ceremonies of the Olympic Games. The event is not just about the nation’s parade or pageantry, but it’s much more spectacular and magnificent. The first Olympic Games were held in 1920, hosted at Antwerp, where the Belgians were happy and excited to host the event despite the World War I destruction. The same strong spirit was withheld by Japan during the 1964 Olympic Games. Yoshinori Sakai, was their final torchbearer, born on 6th August 1945, in Hiroshima – on the same day when the city was struck with the horrific atomic bomb.

How the Olympic Opening Ceremonies Work
How the Olympic Opening Ceremonies Work

Also some of the historic events registered during the Olympic games, where during the 1992 Olympic Games at Barcelona, it was the first time in 20 years no participating countries felt the need to boycott the games.

It is the tradition at the Olympic Games opening ceremony, to lit a torch by the Olympic cauldron, which is hand-delivered by some famous person or Olympian. However, at the Spanish Olympic Games, the cauldron was lit impressively by shooting a flaming arrow from afar. Popular and world-famous boxer Muhammad Ali, the 1960 gold medal winner brought down the house when he lit the cauldron to start the games.

The 2012 Winter Olympic Games hosted in Sochi, Russia, the cauldron were lit by three-time gold-medallist figure skater Irina Rodnina and hockey goalia Vladislav Tretiak. It was lit in a display of theatrics and pyrotechnical feats.

The Evolution of the Opening Ceremony

Over the years, there has been a great evolution of the Opening ceremony of the Olympic Games. It was a tradition until the 1908 Summer Olympic Games in London, the Greek delegation leads the nation’s parade and the host country’s delegation enters the finale. Till the 1920 Summer Olympic Games in Berlin, the Olympic Flag and oath weren’t unfurled, also until the 1928 Summer Olympic Games in Amsterdam, the cauldron lighting didn’t become standard procedure.

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Olympic Games are watched worldwide by billions of viewers and therefore the Olympic organizers spend a huge amount of money to make the opening ceremony event more spectacular. According to media source William, around 80 million pounds (more than $124 million) were spent on London’s 2012 Summer Olympic Games. The city hosted the post-World War II games in 1948 were nicknamed as Austerity Games.

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