All Athletes welcome at the opening ceremony but officials capped at 6 per team

It was on Wednesday, November 18, the International Olympic Committee released an announcement that a maximum of six officials per national delegation will be allowed to participate in the parade of Nations at the Opening ceremony of the much-awaited Tokyo Olympics 2021.

John Coates, the IOC Tokyo Olympic Games Coordination Commission chairman was also present at the project review with Game organizers insisted that the number of athletes at the ceremony would not be capped.

Tokyo olympics opening ceremony
Tokyo olympics opening ceremony

He who is also the IOC vice president told reporters “We don’t want to change the tradition that all athletes have the opportunity to parade at the opening ceremony”.

Tokyo Olympics Opening Ceremony is the much-awaited event for the sports enthusiasts, where athlete’s places are filled by the officials from their national Olympic committee if they chose to focus solely on their preparations for their competitions.

Coates and Thomas Bach, president of the IOC were present in the Japanese capital earlier this week to express their support for the organizers as they are willing to arrange the important event of the Olympic despite the Covid 19 pandemic.

The Olympics which were earlier scheduled to take place in July 2020, have been postponed in the month of March and are now rescheduled for 23rd July 2021.

Coates in the meeting clearly stated that “ We want to see the athletes from all the 206 delegations and the refugee team in the opening ceremony… The number of officials is limited to six”.

This time around 11000 athletes are expected to attend the Tokyo 2021 Olympic game and thousands for the subsequent Paralympic games. The majority of the athletes will reside at the Athletes villages and Coates believed that the rapid testing method will be implemented to safeguard the participants in a sophisticated manner.

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